Olar disorder a famous examplein sharing her experience, the actress put a very public face on a mental illness experienced by millions. how to take viagra safely The key indicator of bipolar ii, experts say, is a cycle of high and low moods, often with episodes of depression. Zeta-jones herself has described her bouts with melancholy, telling the sunday times in the u. K. That "i'm lucky. buy viagra canada But that's not to say i don't get down on myself. I try and stay positive, being negative isn't good for my personality. best generic viagra forum I don't just bring myself down, i bring everyone around me down. It's like a dark cloud, 'uh oh, here we go', and i have to snap out of it. " dr. David miklowitz, professor of psychiatry at ucla school of medicine, says stress "definitely can play a role" in triggering depression or what doctors call hypomania, short periods of mild manias. “certain life events, changes, particularly those that affect the sleep cycle, can trigger symptoms," says miklowitz. "an event like a loss experience or family conflict can be a cause or a trigger of bipolar episodes. " related: catherine zeta-jones, michael douglas involved in paparazzi scuffle: report carrie fisheranother celebrity knows the feeling. viagra without prescription Carrie fisher, who has laid bare own battles with weight, drugs and alcohol, and also revealed that several years ago she was diagnosed with bipolar ii, has described the challenges of the mood swings that come with it. viagra buy melbourne "a manic phase is not predictable," fisher has said, according to usa today. cheap viagra online "the last time, i hacked off my hair, got a tattoo, and wanted to convert to judaism. " perhaps most important, though, is that sufferers can – and many do – manage the disorder effectively, many times with various medications. buy cheap viagra Now that she's checked out of treatment, zeta-jones can get back to her everyday life – being an actress. She has two new movies coming up, including playing the field, currently in production in louisiana with gerard butler and jessica biel, and lay the favorite. Adds the friend, zeta-jones's decision to seek treatment was a positive step that will allow her to perform at the best of her ability. viagra canada online "she went in for a few days because she's about to start working, and to make sure she's in top form," says the friend, "which she is. " • additional reporting by sharon cotliar facebook tweet comments your reaction wow funny love sad angry latest news 05:30pm edt tv watch kirstie alley: maks likes 'leggy' girls read it 05:00pm edt babies photo: meet the latest hanson baby read it 04:30pm edt olivia wilde on sexting, hand-holding and jason being better than beckham rea. non prescription viagra